Press release February 11 2019

With the buy of SSM, Jysk Skorstens Service enlarges our international position within production, service, and repair of industrial chimneys. In the future we will be able to sell complete stack package solutions to new as well as existing customers says Managing Director Henrik Boddum - Jysk Skorstens Service.

With the sell will Jysk Skorstens Service long standing flue gas technical know how be combined with SSM`s long standing experience in designing and manufacturing of freestanding quality steel stacks.

The common strengthes will result in more complete and competitive stack solutions to the international marked.

SSM`s future activities will be from Jysk Skorstens Service adresse på Gørdingvej 7-15 6771 Gredstedbro.

Further information can be obtained from Managing Director Henrik Boddum at Jysk Skorstens Service – +45 2174 7955 or Managing Director Bjarne Kristensen at Kecon A/S + 45 6161 3520.


In 2016, JSS received the Borsen Gazelle award for the third year in a row, due to the company’s ability to exceed previous annual growth.

Børsen Gazelle 2014 Børsen Gazelle 2015 Børsen Gazelle 2016

Inspection & Service

Our qualified staff solve complex tasks all around the world. We provide inspection, repairment, surface treatment and much more. We also provide inspection, mounting and repairment of mobile antennas and..
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Production & Mounting

We provide production and mounting of all stack elements accourding the customer's needs. We utilize the newest technology in our production and we always make sure that our products live up to national and international rules..
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Documented Quality

JSS is a certified company whom focuses on quality, safety, production and inspection of industrial chimneys. Our qualified fitters, technicians and competent professionals are ready to provide service to..
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We provide

Inspection, repairment and production of industrial chimneys.

We focus on quality when producing and mounting stacks. Every chimney we produce is made at our own workshop, ensuring a high standard of quality. We are experts in the industry and we rely on more than 30 years of experience in the field. We value documentation and we always deliver a detailed report to our customers after inspection.

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